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What is it?
A crypto-currency (a decentralized digital currency type) is a mean of exchange that uses blockchain technology and encryption to ensure the validity of transactions and new currency creation units. Bitcoin, the first decentralized cryptocoin, was created in 2009 by a user who used the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Since then, many other crypto-coins have been created. More recently, there has been an explosion of countless tokens that have been created based on the Ethereum protocol, especially after the massive Initial Coin Offering (ICO) wave that occurred in 2017.

Unlike centralized banking systems, most cryptocoins use a decentralized control system based on blockchain technology, which is a type of distributed log book operated on a peer-to-peer thousands of computers, all of which have an equal copy of the entire transaction history, preventing a central entity from promoting registration changes or software unilaterally without being excluded from the network.
How does it work?
Cryptocurrency Trade
It is possible to exchange any currency of your preference for bitcoins, as in exchange transactions. Bitcoin or other currency trades bring together people who want to buy and people who want to sell on online platforms, known as exchanges, brokerage houses or currency exchange offices. When two people inside a platform come in agreement with a negotiated price, the exchange occurs instantly anonymously for those people (only the exchanges know who is exchanging). They can also be performed directly between people. The trade works similarly to stock markets or the buying and selling of other currencies, but of course it has its own particularities. 

The exchanges serve both to conduct transactions and to guide users. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a solid and reliable company to ensure the safety and legality of your money. DreamDapps has its own professional traders that work daily to get the best results.