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  • Why DreamDapps?

    Because it's an expanding business in a growing market, like cryptocurrency.

    Because we are committed to accompany you so that your investment is always profitable.

    Because we offer you the possibility of a professional career in network marketing with a sustainable company that is designed to take care of your family, giving you the ability to retire as you have always dreamed.

    The two CEOs of the company are honest people, with great recognition and experience in network marketing, they are also accompanied by a team of professional experts in different fields such as management, training, support, marketing, finance and legal areas that are part of the strength and transparency of the company.

    Because within our DNA is the inherent goal of helping to change people's lives and pushing them to achieve what they want.

    Because we believe in people and, thanks to our different backgrounds, we add value to the lives of our members not only in the financial sphere, but also in the personal area, because we understand that there is no real personal development without integral training in all areas of a human being.

    Because we are flexible, we offer a variety of financial products tailored to the tastes and each member needs.

    By being avant-garde, we are constantly looking at new and better ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness to your investments to give you maximum benefit.

  • For how is the is the contract time?

    Up to 6 times more the purchased package.

  • What is the payment method for purchasing a package?

    In Bitcoin.

  • How do I get my commissions?

    In bitcoin.

  • How do I raise Bitcoin?

    You must have a Wallet that works with this currency, for example: Wirex (among others) that allows you to have an ATM card with which you can make your usual purchases, payments and ATM withdrawals.

  • How do I open an account with Wirex?

    Go to https://wirexapp.com and register there. All data that will be provided will be to this entity, which has nothing to do with DreamDapps.

  • Do I have to draw out my winnings?

    No. The system automatically sends every Friday the respective winnings to your wallet.

  • If I do not have my wallet on my Backoffice account what happens to my winnings?

    Your money will be saved in the system until you place your Bitcoins wallet.

  • Does Trading exist?

    Yes. We have professionals working with us and for being a real system we do the payment on a daily basis.

  • Is Trading based on a robot?

    No. It's done by professional traders.

  • In how many ways can I earn on DreamDapps?

    Trading Team Commissions Direct Referral Commissions Indirect Referral Commissions Team Members Commissions Residual Commissions Awards

  • Is my membership a one-time payment or do I have monthly expenses?

    There is a monthly maintenance fee cost depending on the package you purchased.

  • Do I still have access to back office content at the end of my pack time?

    Yes, but it is inactive to receive commissions until renewal.

  • As a member, what will I have access to?

    You will have access to the Back office platform, all training content, events calendar, promotions, publicity material, work tools. You will also have access to your entire business (commissions, team growth, reports etc ...)