Our History

DreamDapps was born both in heart and spirit of Bruno Pereira.

Dreamdapps was born in the heart and spirit of visionary Bruno Pereira. With a tremendous success achieved in other companies Bruno have in the last years worked always in team context joining synergies and know-how that allows him to give name and life to this dream. He Launched Be HighWay on August 8, 2018 at 8am, it is currently called DreamDapps. The number 8, which represents rebirth, renewal and regeneration, characterizes working people with high management capacity and who make any kind of sacrifice for what they believe. This number reflects, therefore, the desire of our founder. Bruno has created one of the most rewarding compensation plans in the digital market technology sector. He asked for help from professionals in the field of economics to come up with a sustainable business plan. The results translate into a state-of-the-art global platform that exploits and harnesses the power of technology so that its members can join the cryptocurrency world guided by professionals.Ready to trade in the foreign exchange market. Today you can participate in this revolutionary market, even without knowledge, but with the support of our professional and experienced Traders. Today, thousands of people around the world are helping to write our story. Together, we are creating a global movement, which enables people to reach their full potential regardless of their age, race, level or income. Our story is just beginning!

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Our Values

Excellence and accuracy
The continuous pursuit of excellence and accuracy in all areas of activity allows us to believe that is the only way we can create indelible marks and greater transparency in the relation with all our parties.
Leadership and personal responsibility
Our success as an organization is based on our employees. We treat each other with respect and dignity and hope that everyone will promote a sense of personal responsibility. It is the reflection of our DNA to recruit competent and motivated people who respect our values.
Communication with members
We are committed to responsible and credible communication with members to enable them to exercise their right to an informed choice. Naturally we respect their privacy.
Simply because what we do impacts many people's lives.
We are proud of our work and our business, we are therefore committed to achieving our goals.